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Winter Classes

This January, the Emmaus Institute will be launching a new winter discipleship program featuring five incredible classes to equip you as you follow Jesus and make disciples!

Classes meet on Wednesdays at 6:30-8pm for 3 weeks beginning January 8. Childcare will be available onsite for kids ages 0-5th grade for those who register (space limited). Class fees are $20/person or $30/family (students free).

Explore the class options below, 3 options for adults and 2 for students. If you have any questions, email Pastor Brian.

Follow Jesus: Habits for Personal Spiritual Growth

Jesus tells us that to be his disciple we are to commit to following him and imitating him with our lives. Jesus is our leader, savior, and example. This means that throughout our lives we should be dedicated to becoming more and more like him (2 Cor. 3:18). How do we do this? Where do we start? This class will answer these questions and give you practical steps for growing in your personal life as a follower of Jesus. Growth starts with giving time to personal spiritual disciplines like studying our Bible and prayer. This class will teach you how to study, interpret, and apply the Bible to your life, as well as give you guidance on creating a prayer time that leads you towards growth and intimacy with Jesus.
Led By: Travis Deans | Download Outline

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Foundations of Marriage: Returning to God's Design

Overview of biblical model of marriage with practical guidance for implementing scriptural principles. We will examine three foundational pillars of healthy Christian marriages using illustrations and a little humor gained over 30+ years of our own experience. We’ll take questions and explore common challenges in marriage and how to address them in Christ honoring ways.
Lead By: Bill and Leslie Burke | Download Outline

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Faith-Filled Family: Cultivating Passion for Jesus in your Home

In an age of distraction and hurry, in this class we will explore the Biblical habits required for fostering spiritual health and passion for God in our own hearts and in those of our spouses and children as well. We will explore both theological and practical principles for how to help ourselves and our family walk in deep faithfulness to God.
Led By: Brian Bone | Download Outline

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Spiritual Disciplines for Students

There's an old parable about a man who had two dogs that were constantly at war with each other. One of the dogs was good, representing virtues like loyalty and kindness. The other dog was bad, representing vices such as hatred and lust. Which dog won in the end? That's easy: the one he fed. In the same way, we have two fundamental natures battling for our attention on a daily basis—a sinful flesh and a righteous spirit. Through Christ, we have the ability to choose which nature we will "feed," leading us either further away from or closer to His likeness.
Led By: Ben Toler and Tom Vincent | Download Outline

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Him & Her: A Biblical Guide to Dating and Relationships

In the world we live in today, there is a lot of advice on dating. Unfortunately, much of the advice out there for students doesn’t ask the question “what does the Bible say?” In this class for students, we will be looking at biblical principles of dating and relationships and seeing how God’s people should approach this issue.
Led By: Matt and Kristen Callahan | Download Outline

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