Staying Connected

Walking Together through COVID-19

Staying Connected through COVID-19

The COVID-19 global pandemic has forced us to adjust and adapt how we do church and stay connected to one another as a congregation. Here is how we’re doing that at Emmaus Church.

Our world may have changed,
but the mission of God hasn't.
Pastor Anson


We gather weekly to worship together as Emmaus Church with singing, prayer, teaching, and communion. There are two ways to connect.

In Person

We offer two services each week for in person worship. Click below for more info about services.

9am & 11am

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At Home

Our 9am service streams live each Sunday, with playback available immediately afterwards.

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Following Jesus and Making Disciples will always be front and center in our ministries at Emmaus Church. During this season, here are ways to connect!

In Person Groups

Missional Community Groups are back, with in person groups available for those ready to gather. This is the primary avenue for discipleship at Emmaus - we want everyone connected in a group they love!

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Digital Groups

Missional Community Groups are back, with digital groups available for those unable to gather in person. This is the primary avenue for discipleship at Emmaus - we want everyone connected in a group they love!

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The Emmaus Institute continues to offer discipleship equipping classes for those looking to grow as they follow Jesus and make disciples. Previous classes are available via podcast, with future classes coming soon.

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Our pastors and staff have released a number of discipleship resources for your families to grow - classes, videos, and articles. Check them all out on the Emmaus Institute Resource Page.


10 Minutes of Truth


NEW! 10ish Minutes of Truth

Check out our brand new discipleship resource 10ish Minutes of Truth with Pastor Anson McMahon!

#10ishMinutesofTruth is a YouTube-based teaching series through complex and complicated topics from scripture. New topics arriving monthly. Check it out on the Emmaus YouTube Channel!


Amidst the challenges of COVID-19, we remain more committed than ever to supporting and caring for our members. Here are a few ways we can help.

MC Groups

During this chaotic season, there has never been a more important time to be deeply connected with other believers for physical, emotional, and spiritual well being. With digital and in-person groups available, there's an option for everyone!

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In addition to your MC Group, please continue sharing your prayer requests and other needs with your church family. This can be done by contacting the church at 678-866-3332 or by email through the button below.

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If you are struggling spiritually, maritally, or in other ways and are in need of pastoral counseling or other types of counseling, please reach out to Pastor Travis at 678-866-3332 or by email through the button below.

Pastor Travis

Financial Help?

If you are in any kind of financial need, your church is here for you and wants to help in any way we can. Please reach out Pastor Travis at 678-866-3332 to set up a time to discuss your needs and see how your church can assist you.

Pastor Travis


Emmaus Kids Ministry remains committed to coming alongside you as you make disciples of your children. Here are ways to connect!

Sunday Mornings

Emmaus Kids has reopened Sunday environments for all ages! Click below for more info.

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Worship at Home

Each week, Emmaus Kids produces an incredible video worship experience for your kids. It features a lesson, worship time, and activities. New episodes premiere each Sunday via the link below.

This is also a great resource to use if your children will be joining you in the main room for Sunday Worship.

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Kids Activities At Home

Here are some great activities to do with your kids at home!

Right Now Media
Biblically based kids shows, stories, and sing-a-longs. Sign up!

Bible App for Kids
Help your kids fall in love with the Bible with this great Bible App for Kids from YouVersion.


Emmaus Kids offers a number of valuable resources to help you as you disciple your children.

Family Discipleship Guide
The Bridge Class
Resource Page

Stay Connected!

Here are three great ways to stay connected with news and encouragement from Emmaus Kids!

Follow Emmaus Kids on Instagram

Like Emmaus Parents on Facebook

Sign up for the Emmaus Kids Newsletter

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We’re not going to let a pandemic stop our student ministry! Eikon is officially back to gathering. Here are ways to engage!

Eikon on Wednesdays!

Eikon is our worship service for all 6th-12th grade students. We gather in person on Wednesdays from 6:30-8:30pm at the church for worship, teaching, and small groups.

Join Us!

Social Media

Get connected to Emmaus Students on social media to stay up to date with all news and updates from Pastor Matt!

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If you have any other questions or would like to be added to our list to receive regular communication and updates, reach out to Pastor Matt via the button below.

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As followers of Jesus, we're called to live as lights in the world, serving and sharing the hope of the Gospel with those in our lives who are far from God. In the midst of the dark challenges of COVID-19, here are some ideas for living on mission as bright lights for the Kingdom!

Serve the Vulnerable

Health experts have confirmed that certain segments of our society (elderly, immunocompromised, etc) are at a significantly higher risk of critical illness or even death due to this virus. As a result, many in these vulnerable categories are unable to leave their homes, even for essentials. Step into these needs by organizing errands to pickup groceries, prescriptions, and other essentials for these people in your community. Post in neighborhood social media groups or reach out to nearby retirement/assisted-living communities to find individuals that could use your help. As you serve, be sure to share the hope you have in Jesus as the reason for your love and kindness.

Serve Healthcare Workers

In these challenging days for our healthcare communities, consider collecting supplies, making meals, or providing childcare to doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers in your area. You may also consider writing thank you notes to them as well, and delivering them with goody baskets to hospital units. As they work diligently to care for the sickest from this virus, be a foundation of support for them, showing the love of Christ as you serve their families with extra kindness. Post in neighborhood social media groups or reach out to nearby hospitals to find individuals that could use your help. As you serve, be sure to share the hope you have in Jesus as the reason for your love and kindness.

Invite Neighbors to Worship With You

In darkness, people often are looking for light more than ever. Be intentional to take time to invite your friends, neighbors, coworkers, etc to join you in worship at our church. Personal invitations are proven to be the most effective way to see an unbeliever step into church – during this season, I suspect that will be even more true. Invite them! In this season, offer them the digital options if they are not yet ready to come in person; or also help them register for services with your family if they’d like to come with you to church. Regardless, be a bold ambassador for Jesus by inviting people close into our church family during these challenging times.

Serve the City

Here at Emmaus, we have a long-term active ministry relationship with our neighbors at Eagle Creek Apartments that we call Serve the City. Through the pandemic, we have ramped up the ways that we are reaching out and supporting them – if you’d like to get involved in delivering meals, caring for families, or being a part of our community block parties, now is a great time to get involved. Visit for more details.

Pray for our Partners

During the pandemic, Emmaus has been unable to send ministry teams to serve and support our global ministry partners around the world. Nonetheless, they are in need of support now more than ever as they grapple with the effects of COVID-19 in their own communities. This being true, make a diligent effort to pray daily for our global ministry partners, asking God to care for them in profound ways. Write reminders in your car, on your mirror, and on your fridge and pray for them daily. For updates on our partnership, be sure to visit for more details.

Other Ways to Serve
    • In an age of outrage on social media, seek to be a person of peace, representing Jesus and His love well in the ways that you interact with people.
    • Do a prayer walk through your neighborhood and/or subdivision.
    • Do sidewalk messaging in your neighborhood with hopeful messages.
    • Reach out to and thank our first responders (police, firemen, EMS, etc).
    • Publicize information regarding Christian counseling for those effected by this crisis.
    • Ask local nursing homes/senior assisted living places how you can serve/pray for them. Organize groups to help!
    • Call local funeral homes to see how you can help serve and/or pray for them. Organize groups to step in and help!
    • Donate food to local food banks like the North Gwinnett Coop. Organize food drives in your neighborhood to help!
    • Partnership with schools to deliver food; also see what families need meals during this time. Ask school counselors for referrals to families in need that could use some prayer and support. Step in and help!

In all of these ways, seek to find ways to give an answer to the hope that you have found in Jesus as you serve the people of our community during these dark days.


Whether you are worshipping with us in person or at home during this season, there are multiple ways by which you can give to God’s mission here at Emmaus Church. We praise God and thank you for your generosity!


If you have questions or are in need of additional support, your entire team of Pastors and Staff here at Emmaus are ready and willing to help. Click the link below to email the entire team for assistance, or visit our staff page to reach out to individual staff directly.