Missional Community Groups

Following Jesus Together!

Scripture is clear - God has designed our spiritual lives to THRIVE in community. We need each other! Missional Community Groups exist to help you find true biblical community where you can grow in your faith and live out God's mission for your life! Groups gather weekly in homes across the city or online. We have dozens of options - explore them and find your people today!

Communities of the Word

We devote ourselves to the Word, seeking to study it deeply and apply it faithfully to our lives. We want to become a family walking in courageous obedience as we follow Jesus!

Communities of the Word

We devote ourselves to prayer, seeking to walk in dependence on God for all our needs. We want to become a family that trusts God deeply and lives in His power!

Communities of the Word

We devote ourselves to God's mission, seeking to make disciples of Jesus in our neighborhoods and among the nations. We want to become a family that lives to advance His Kingdom!

Regathering Plan

Amidst the many challenges of the pandemic, we've worked diligently to allow groups to resume gathering as safely as possible. Fellowship with believers is a vital part of our spiritual lives, especially during these hard times! Here are the major changes to be aware of to group gatherings during this season.

Digital Options

For those unable to gather in person in this season, we offer Digital Groups that gather exclusively online for all group meetings. If you need this, explore these groups below.

Digital Groups

Safe Gatherings

Out of love and to promote safety, we encourage all members to wear masks, practice safe distancing, and self-screen for symptoms each week before attending. Let's help keep one another safe as we endure this season!

Childcare Changes

We no longer offer onsite childcare options for MC Groups. Knowing this may be a challenge, we now offer families that need it individual reimbursement for childcare expenses.

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Single-Gender Options

During this season, some groups will meet by gender on alternating weeks (women one week, men the next) to reduce the burden of childcare and help keep groups small. If you need this, look for these groups as you register!

Find Your People!

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Groups are currently on a winter break from gatherings. They will relaunch the week of January 31. Signups begin January 10!

Need Help?

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Pioneers Wanted

Each semester, we launch new groups as we continue to make disciples across our community. If you're interested in leading or joining a brand new group to help forge fresh community, let us know.

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