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Modern believers live in a culture that is becoming increasingly secularized each and every year, and yet, Jesus calls us to live out the glorious implications of his Gospel in such a way that people around us take note. What should our lives look like with regards to some of the most complex culture issues of our day?

The Forums at the Institute for Disciple Making are designed to help answer this exact question. Forums are strategic night and weekend events that are held seasonally at Emmaus Church and are open to the public. Information for our upcoming and most recent forums can be found below. If you have a suggestion for an issue that you would like to be addressed in the future, pleaseĀ email Pastor Brian.

In the wake of the Supreme Court decision to legalize same-sex marriage in the United States, many Christians have found themselves navigating difficult questions as they seek to obey Jesus and the Bible while also loving their neighbor. In September 2016, we explored these issues in a strategic forum entitled LGBT and the Gospel, because the glorious Gospel has magnificent implications for every single issue in our culture. Even the issues the church is tempted to avoid... If you find yourself wrestling with these complex issues, we encourage you to check out the podcast.