CAMP 2021

CentriKid Camp & Student Life Camp

CentriKid is… an overnight camp in Ridgecrest, North Carolina for 3rd–5th graders to experience the time of their lives and learn more about the message of Jesus Christ! Camps are staffed by college and seminary students who can’t wait to hang out with your kids and love to share Christ through every aspect of camp!

For one week out of the year, hand us the clipboard. We’ll handle lunch, plan Bible Study, set up Recreation, organize leaders, and lead Worship sessions.

A child’s spiritual life can be greatly impacted by their home environment, church involvement, and unique experiences like camp. CentriKid is committed to providing a place for kids to get away—even for a little while—to hear loud and clear that God loves them and has a plan for their lives.

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Come ready to get crazy while competing for your Squad and growing closer to your group. Rec Camp is all about helping students connect with each other. We hope these team-building moments create intentional discipleship opportunities.
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Where Is Camp?!

Both camps, YES, BOTH CAMPS will be at the same place!
The Ridgecrest Conference Center in
Ridgecrest, North Carolina

Ridgecrest Conference Center
To view more information about this location you can view their website.