On Mission during COVID-19

Without question, we are all living through one of the most challenging and chaotic moments in history. The COVID-19 outbreak and all of its effects have impacted nearly every family and household in our nation, resulting in widespread fear, anxiety, and needs among us.
In the midst of this darkness, we as followers of Jesus must ask ourselves how we can be a source of light. In Matthew 5:14-16, Jesus tells his disciples, “You are the light of the world… Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.”
What does it look like to be light in these difficult days? How can we as the people of God live differently in our society right now to better shine the good news of the Gospel to those around us? Here are five ideas that I think are a great way to start living on mission in quarantine.
1. Organize Errands for the Elderly
Experts are telling us that certain segments of our society (elderly, immunity-compromised, etc) are at a significantly higher risk of death due to this virus. As a result, many in these vulnerable categories are unable to leave their homes, even for essentials. Step into these needs by organizing errands to pickup groceries, prescriptions, and other essentials for these people in your community!
2. Serving Healthcare Workers
Consider collecting supplies, making meals, or providing childcare to the healthcare workers in your neighborhood. As they work diligently to care for the sickest from this virus, be a foundation of support for them, showing the love of Christ as you serve their families with extra kindness.
3. Invite Neighbors to Worship Online
In darkness, people often are looking for light more than ever. Be intentional to take time to invite your friends, neighbors, coworkers, etc to join you in worship online on Sundays. Personal invitations are proven to be the most effective way to see an unbeliever step into church – during this season, I suspect that will be even more true. Invite them!
4. Invite Neighbors to Online Prayer Meetings
During these challenging days, many people are also more open to praying together than usual. Take a leap and host online prayer meetings for neighbors or coworkers to come together to pray. Ask for requests, and then ask for volunteers who are willing to pray to do so. Pray for the hurting, the sick, and the needs of your community!
5. Don’t Hoard! Share!
As so many people rush to the grocery store to grab as much meat, milk, and toilet paper as possible, one very easy way to live counter-culturally and shine the light of Jesus is to share. Instead of storing up more and more, take the most scarce items that you have and share them with those in need. And always be ready to give a reason for why you are doing so – Jesus!
May we all seek to live out lives that showcase the love and grace of Jesus each and every day! I pray that these quick ideas will help you as you seek to live on mission for Him during quarantine.