This June, our summer discipleship program returns with an incredible lineup of classes to equip you as you follow Jesus and make disciples!

Classes meet on Wednesdays at 6:30-8pm from June 12 to July 17 (no classes on 7/3). Childcare available onsite for kids ages 0-5th grade with a program from our Emmaus Kids Ministry! Class fees are $20/person or $30/family (students free).

Explore the classes below. If you have any questions, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Understanding the Great Story of the Bible

Do you ever find yourself confused as you read the Bible, not understanding how one specific part fits into the larger story of scripture? In this class, we will take a big-picture view of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, identifying the main threads, events, and characters in order to help you understand God’s Word and your place in it!

Led by: Rick Evans | Download Outline

The Gospel Comes With A House Key:
How the Gospel Transforms our Love for our Neighbors

Did you know that your home can be one of the best tools for living out God’s mission for you to make disciples? God has placed you among neighbors who need the Gospel, and in this course, we will explore how we can use the regular rhythms and atmosphere of our Christian homes to draw-in sinners in need of grace and connect them to Jesus!

Led by: Ernie & Lisa Blanco | Download Outline

Gospel-Centered Discipleship:
Becoming a Disciple that Makes Disciples

When Jesus returned to the Father, He left his people with one core mission that should define our lives more than any other: "Make Disciples." However, may of us fail to walk in obedience because we don’t understand how to engage in this sacred task. In this course, we will explore what is disciple-making and how can we practically begin to do this!

Led by: Brian Bone & Bo Bray | Download Outline

Foundations of a Godly Home:
Building Your Children on the Solid Ground of Jesus Christ

Every family is built on a foundation. Some foundations are built on rock to endure forever, while others are built only on sand and will inevitably crumble. In this class, we will be taught by Dr. Paul David Tripp as he outlines the required tools needed to build your family on the solid ground of Jesus Christ.

Led by: Keith & Angela Boeckman | Download Outline

How the Cross Rescues Us

Spiritual bondage can take many forms – anxiety, anger, loneliness, addiction – but in each and every one, we can become enslaved in the darkness of sin and idolatry. This course will explore how the Cross truly and finally frees us from all spiritual bondage as Christ beckons us into the riches of Gospel victory and freedom.

Led by: Bill Franklin & John Hotchkiss | Download Outline

Worship in Spirit & Truth:
Moving from Consumer to Worshiper

Corporate worship is a deeply necessary and rich spiritual discipline for the saints. Scripture calls us to not just be consumers of worship, but engaged participants adoring the King of Kings! In this class, we will explore the biblical foundations and history of corporate worship that beckon us off the sidelines into the ongoing worship of God!

Led by: Ben & Lana Toler | Download Outline

Pray Like Jesus:
Lessons on Prayer from the Gospel of Luke

A Summer Special specifically for students.

Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions: Does prayer really change things? Why doesn’t God always answer my prayers? What’s the point of prayer anyway? In this class, students will discover the importance of communicating with God by taking a closer look at the prayers of Jesus in the Gospel of Luke in the hopes of learning to truly pray like Jesus!

Led by: Matt Callahan | Download Outline

Camp Wannastay:
Presented by Emmaus Kids Ministry

Included with every class registration for adults is onsite childcare for your children ages 0-5th Grade. This year, Emmaus Kid's Ministry will be leading a special curriculum program called Camp Wannastay for your children while you are in class! Your kids will head off to "camp" and learn how to be leaders who set an example in everything they say and do (1 Timothy 4:12). They will have so much fun that they will WANNASTAY all summer!

Limited space available, so be sure to register soon to secure a place for your child.