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At the end of his earthly ministry, Jesus commissioned his followers with a task - to go and make disciples of all people (Matthew 28:18-20). What does it look like to make disciples in our modern society? How can we pursue this mission with greater passion and efficacy? How should our theology of God’s mission affect our daily lives?

The Equipping Classes at the Institute for Disciple Making are designed to help answer all of these questions and more. Courses are offered on campus at Emmaus Church each season, with minimal costs per participant to offset expenses. Browse the current offerings for our Fall Cycle (launching October 2018) below. To register for a class, simply click the link below each course.

Know the Word

Know the Word: Practical Wisdom for Studying the Bible

Do you ever find yourself struggling to understand the Bible? Have you found yourself confused by what you read, often unable to apply it to your life? Join us for this 4 week practical workshop where you will be trained in how to read, study, and understand the Bible in a way that will lead to true spiritual growth. All you need is a humble, teachable spirit and the Word of God. No seminary degrees required!!

Schedule: 4 Week Class Launching 10/18
Thursdays from 6:30-8:00pm, Childcare Provided

Class Fee: $10/Person

Led by: Ron Guess

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Freedom: How the Cross Kills Pornography

In the age of technology, pornography exists as one of Satan's greatest weapons for enslaving God's people in sin. In the cross of Christ, we are offered perfect and permanent freedom from sin if we will but walk in that freedom. Whether you are enslaved yourself or raising children who may one day struggle, join us as we gaze at the Cross to find freedom from sexual sin.

Schedule: 4 Week Class Launching 10/20
Saturdays at 9am, Childcare Provided

Class Fee: $10/Person

Led by: Bill Franklin & John Hotchkiss

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The Creeds

The Creeds: Foundations of the Faith

Throughout the ages, our Church Fathers have settled Christian doctrine and laid the foundations for our faith through the creeds. Join us for this 3-week class as we explore the history, reasons for, and content of Christianity’s most important creeds.

Schedule: 3 Week Class Launching 10/29
Mondays from 6:30-8:00pm, Childcare Provided

Class Fee: $10/Person

Led by: Rick Evans

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Financial Peace University

Financial Peace University

Do you find yourself perpetually struggling to keep up with your bills? Are you overwhelmed by debt with no ideas on how you will ever get out? Join us for Financial Peace University - a 9-week course that has helped thousands of people across America find and sustain true peace in their finances.

Schedule: 9 Week Class Launching January 2019
Wednesdays at 6:30pm, Childcare Provided

Class Fee: $109/Family

Led by: Matt & Jessie White

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